The Benefits of Spaying and Neutering Your Feline Friend

Did you know…

… that each year there are far more kittens born than there are homes for.
… that only 1 kitten in every litter of 5 will live out its life loved and cared for.
… that the remaining 80% will die of neglect, abuse, disease or be euthanized as “surplus” kittens.
… that for those fortunate enough to be adopted only 1 in every 3 cats will live out its life in that home.
… that the reproductive abilities of cats far exceed those of dogs.
… that in a 7 year span (exponential breeding growth):
1 female dog + 1 male dog = 2,000 puppies
1 female cat + 1 male cat = 450,000 kittens
… that prevention through neutering and spaying is the most humane and cost effective means of reducing cat overpopulation and the consequent misery of more “unwanted” kittens being born.
… that you can make a significant difference in lowering the number of unwanted born only to die by spaying and neutering your cats.
… that a $150 donation (tax receipts provided) will allow FRFA to provide spay/neuter assistance to those who cannot afford to alter their cats.

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