New Year New Words – Julio and Ricki

Julio and Ricki didn’t take much time to decide on their words for 2021. They are the same words this understandably bonded pair have used every year since we’ve known them. Why change something that has seen them through some tough times?

  • COMMITMENT– we are here for each other through good times and bad, through difficulties, disruptions and detours
  • STABILITY – no matter the curve balls thrown our way, we are each other’s rock to depend on
  • LOYALTY – those we love are a priority

Julio and Ricki were found in the middle of rural nowhere. Possibly dumped. Possibly left to be barn cats and trying to find their way home. Whatever the reason for being there, they had been thrown into a circumstance where survival wasn’t going to last very long.

Fast forward into being FRFA cats, Julio and Ricki thought they hit the jackpot after being adopted and settled into their new home. Their journey had come full circle.

Not so fast for this pair. Luck would not last forever. Three years later we welcomed Julio and Ricki back to the shelter after their adopters couldn’t keep them anymore for medical reasons.

Julio continues to watch over and care for Ricki much like a big brother. Ricki adores and sticks by Julio as a younger brother does. They still hold out hope for a home, knowing their words will get them through anything between now and then.

If you would like to learn more about Julio and Ricki or turn their luck for good welcoming them into your home, please fill out an adoption application.

Julio / Ricki Photo credit: Thomas Ooms

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