New Year New Words – Ace

Ace came to us, one of many cats rescued from a rural property near Sundre. Even at 4ish years old he is a smaller cat and leverages his size and sleek black coat to blend into the background as the great observer. Ace has a big heart and part of his kind nature is to oversee the well-being of all he considers his family, cat or human.

When Ace is nowhere to be seen, best check in the feral kitten room. There is a good chance he snuck in there to snuggle with the wee ones. Ace hopes they will find an attentive adoring daddy to be as good as their mama. When we could not locate a couple of cats, Ace was right there calling out, singing “the song of his people,” as a beacon to guide the wayward ones back until they reappeared.

Not surprisingly, Ace’s words for 2021 are:

  • FAMILY: to have trusted cats and people to care for as only a gentle, fatherly soul can do
  • APPRECIATION: to know my caring ways are acknowledged and recognized as an important member of the family
  • PROMISE: I will never again have to worry for myself and those I loves

If you would like to learn more about gentle Ace or welcome him in your family, please fill out an adoption application.


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