Kittens – 12 Days of Catmas 2020

On the second day of Catmus, our true loves gave to thee … four sweet kittens from the country.


Comfy and cute as Pepe, Olive, Joshua, and Fae may be, their beginnings didn’t start that way. These four sweet girls were discovered in a farm woodpile at about a month old. Their escape artist mother is believed to have been dumped as she was not recognized as one of the farm’s cats. Thankfully, mom found shelter to have her litter and forage for food. When Pepe, Olive, Joshua, and Fae were found at about a month old, they were pretty scruffy with a bit of scrappy catitude.

Upon landing in their foster home, they recognized a good thing and settled into the cushy indoor life. No more worrying about evading predators or an accidental encounter with much larger farm animals. The girls took it upon themselves to embrace kittenhood to the fullest by eating and playing followed by playing and eating after a good kitten nap.

As they approach 6-7 months old, they remain on the small side in stature, but their personalities are beginning to shine.

  • Pepe is lively and loves playing with anything who wants to play with her – sisters, toys or humans. She may be too busy to cuddle while awake but enjoys snuggling up when it is time for a snooze.
  • Olive is the only calico of the four and has more of an outgoing personality like her sister Pepe. Toys and food top the list of her favourite things.
  • Joshua may have a boy’s name, but she is all girl. A little quieter than her sisters Pepe and Olive, Joshua still loves a good play. Joshua fancies herself the big sister to Fae being more worldly and wise than her demure little sister. She takes responsibility for keeping Fae close and safe.
  • Fae is the smallest of the four and most timid. She is very close with Joshua and finds comfort in having a best buddy around. In no way does that deter Fae from playing and being her full kitten self overflowing with cuteness.


For Christmas the girls would love Santa to bring toys, toys, toys, but being on the practical side some grain-free poultry-based food – wet and dry – would help them to play with any toys, toys, toys.

Of course, topping their list would be meeting their forever people and having new homes to explore come January 2021.

If you would like to help Pepe, Olive, Joshua, and Fae’s Christmas wishes come true, please consider donating to ATBCares ( and specify the kittens’ name and where you would like your donation directed in the notes to us.

If you are considering the girls to be part of your family, please complete an adoption application.

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