Faith and Spar – 12 Days of Catmas 2020

On the fourth day of Catmas, our true loves gave to thee … Faith & Spar

Faith was just another one of many faceless forgotten cats on a rural cat colony north of Calgary. She was well down the path to living out her destiny filled with hardships. Rescuing her at only one year-ish old, Faith was doing her best to care for a litter of kittens, likely not her first.

Spar was one of her litter, and a sickly kitten at that. In her early days with us, there were several occasions we thought she wasn’t going to pull through. But we don’t give up on any cat easily and gave Spar all the support to recover and grow healthy as we could. And very healthy she is. Of course, we in no way overlook Faith’s commitment to nurturing Spar back to health and the bond it created between the pair.

With good food, safe surroundings and engaging interactions, Faith and Spar’s new destiny is one of loving up their people in a new home. Still quite the youngsters at 4 and 3 years old, they bring a balancing combination of Faith’s wise, patient gentleness and Spar’s engaging intelligence. She will need someone to take part in her deep conversations as well as high five. They are a perfect pair to complete a quiet, stable home without kids.

For Christmas, Faith and Spar always welcome grain-free poultry-based food (wet or dry) and would be tickled with a new scratching post or stand, wand toys, large cloth rat/mice or puzzles to figure out.

If you would like to help Faith and Spar’s Christmas wishes come true, please consider donating through ATBCares ( Specify their name(s) and where you would like your donation directed in the notes to us.

If you would like to discuss Faith and Spar becoming part of your family, please complete an adoption application.

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