Dario – 12 Days of Catmas 2020

On the third day of Catmus, our true loves gave to thee … Dario

Dario became a FRFA cat after we were approached about a cat who was headed for rehoming as a barn cat. Small (about 7lbs soaking wet), older, indoor-only all is his life, and white, Dario’s survival was doubtful, and thriving out of the question. After entering our care, it didn’t take long to suspect abuse had been part of his past.

Dario learned to cope in his former environment by being defensive and untrusting of new people or situations. With an extremely patient, understanding and cat-savvy foster, he began to feel safe enough to let his guard down. Dario has quite the endearing personality and wants to be loved. When held, he often snuggles into a shoulder or neck.

Knowing Dario does not handle change well, the decision was made he needed a rock in his world, not have his world rocked. Uprooting him to a new home would be too much. Dario became a permanent foster and he will live out his life in the company of other cats with a foster who adores him and understands the secure, stable home he needs.

For Christmas, Dario would love to see under the tree his favourite food – Purina Essential Care canned food. While he’s not one for playing, warm snuggly beds are the bees knees in his books.

If you would like to help Dario’s Christmas wishes come true, please consider donating through ATBCares (https://bit.ly/ATBCaresFRFA). Specify his name and where you would like your donation directed in the notes to us.

If you would like to sponsor Dario and contribute monthly towards his day-to-day care, please consider donating through CanadaHelps.org, select the fund “Sponsor Parent” and specify his name.

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