Cans For Cats – July 2020

We’re having another no contact drive-thru bottle drive!

Cat caricature on yellow poster with July 2020 bottle drive details




Saturday July 18, 2020


9am – 2pm


Back alley at 606 – 10 Ave NE (Renfrew)


  • returnable bottles, cans, Tetra Paks
  • please don’t include recyclables

How to:

  1. Come to the back alley of 606 10 Ave NE
  2. Wait in line, inside your vehicle for your turn
  3. Place your bags and boxes inside the garage where indicated
  4. Return to your vehicle
  5. You’re on your way

If you need to speak with us,

  • please remain in your vehicle and roll down the window or
  • maintain 6+ ft (2+m) distance from others outside their vehicles


Your contributions are truly appreciated in helping keep the cats safe, happy and healthy during this uncertain times.

Want to help out but don’t have any bottles, cans or Tetra Paks?

Donations are gratefully accepted as well.


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