Björn – 12 Days of Catmas 2020

** ADOPTED ** Björn’s secret wish came true and is settling in with his new family.

On the sixth day of Catmas, our true loves gave to thee … a big old softie now named Björn.


Björn appeared in the backyard of a Varsity home around late November. He had been on his own long enough to realize the dangers of being noticed but hungry enough to take the chance. The resident cat alerted their cat-savvy owner to Björn’s presence who quickly sensed this was not a neighborhood cat.

Roughed up and untrusting, Björn would only take the food left for him on the sly. Through patience and cat sense, the owner slowly worked on building his trust. The day finally came when Björn could be swooped up and taken to the vet.

No chip.
No tattoo.
No Neuter.

Björn didn’t belong to a neighbour. He was a stray. Just in time too, given the coyotes in the area weren’t working in his favour for long term survival either.

Luckily, a foster home was available right away. In the just over 2 weeks since entering our care, Björn has gone from being scared and hungry to a big lug of a goofball. His lack of response to household activities along with his desire to purr and seek affection from his foster indicates he came from a home environment.

Despite his recent history, Björn is ready to settle in and devote himself to a happily ever after home. His personality leads us to believe he would be okay with other laid-back cats as well as cat-friendly dogs.

Björn is so happy to be safe indoors with food in his belly that he hesitates to ask for anything this Christmas. If pressed for something special, he quietly admits to wanting more toys of any kind and a cat scratcher. After a steady supply of grain-free poultry-based food of course.

If you would like to help Björn’s quiet Christmas wishes come true, please consider donating through ATBCares ( Specify his name and where you would like your donation directed in the notes to us.

If you would like to discuss Björn becoming part of your family, please complete an adoption application.

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