Adelaide and Noodle – 12 Days of Catmas 2020

On the eighth day of Catmas, our true loves gave to thee … mom and daughter Adelaide and Noodle.

Adelaide and Noodle’s story is far too familiar. Adelaide was one of many cats on a rural property north of Calgary who weren’t spayed or neutered. The situation had become overwhelming for the owners and they reached out for help. While the owners requested some of their cats back after spays and neuters, Adelaide wasn’t one of them. Pregnant and a kitten herself at less than a year old, she settled into a FRFA foster home to await impending motherhood.

Soon enough, Adelaide gave birth to Noodle and her two sisters, Raisin and Tater Tot. Adelaide was a decent, but not great mother. Being a kitten herself, she wanted to play and pursue more interesting things rather than teach her charges the finer points of being a cat.

Gratefully, Noodle will never know the hardships of living outside. But that doesn’t mean her beautiful torbieness doesn’t come with a bit of catitude at times. Noodle holds high standards for how things should be done or when she needs attention.

This mom-daughter pair have complimentary personalities. Adelaide is silly and sweet-natured. Noodle has keen powers of observation to keep household orderliness and reward any and all attention. Being youngsters at 3 and 2, it naturally makes sense they both love to play with anything and everything.

For Christmas, Adelaide and Noodle would love toys, toys, and more toys. Grain-free poultry-based food (wet or dry) is happily welcomed as well to keep up the energy levels for playing.

If you would like to help Adelaide and Noodles’s Christmas wishes come true, please consider donating through ATBCares ( Specify their name(s) and where you would like your donation directed in the notes to us.

If you would like to discuss Adelaide and Noodle becoming part of your family, please complete an adoption application.

Photo Credits: Thomas Ooms

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