Shelter Care Givers
General Job Description: Providing for the day to day physical care of the animals and keeping their environment clean, healthy and pleasant.
Specific Duties: Cleaning and disinfecting cages, litter boxes, food and water bowls, floors, bedding and surfaces.
Desired Qualifications: Reliability and commitment 100% requirement. A true love of animal care, empathy, extreme patience, observant nature and organized.
Required Commitment: Minimum 4-5 hour shift once per week. Daily shifts vary.

General Job Description: Drivers needed to transport cats to and from vets, rescue sites, adoption locations.
Specific Duties: Driving.
Desired Qualifications: Reliability and commitment 100% requirement. Has their own vehicle. Emergency trips require immediate response.
Required Commitment: Varies. On call.

General Job Description: Providing a temporary home and for rescued cats and kittens.
Specific Duties: Socializing and providing information that will assist FRFA in making a good placement.
Desired Qualifications: Indoor only environment. Specifics vary from cat to cat. Up to date vaccinations for foster person’s own cats.
Required Commitment: Minimum commitment of 4 weeks.

General Job Description: Laundering soiled cat beds, blankets, etc.
Specific Duties: Washing/disinfecting and drying laundry.
Desired Qualifications: Front load washer and any type of dryer. Can pick up and deliver laundry. One week turnaround.
Required Commitment: Weekly.

Event Hosts 
General Job Description: Hosting at an event location. Some events include adoptable cats. Helping set up for an event.
Specific Duties: Interacting with the public, ensuring the cats are comfortable and cared for.
Desired Qualifications: Reliability and commitment 100% requirement. Enjoy talking with people. Acting as a representative for FRFA.
Required Commitment: Varies depending on the event, usually a 3-4 hour shift.

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