Is Your Heart Bigger Than Your Home?


Seniors need special someones to see them through and ensure they are spoiled.

Meet Dolly

feline rescue foundationDolly needs a Sponsor Parent. We rescued her during a frigid winter. She spent 4 days huddled in a window well clinging to the bit of warmth it offered.

Dolly lost her ear tips and half her tail to frostbite. She was intially a very difficult cat, but always treated me with patient regard-I think it was because she was so grateful that i helped her out of the cold.

She has food allergies, requires medication, and is slow to warm to new people. We have hope that a very special someone may appear for Dolly, but in the meantime a Sponsor Parent can help provide for her care.

A monthly donation for the care of a cat that is not “pick of the litter’, ensures we can continue to provide for the truly unfortunate.

Sponsor Dolly through our Canada Helps page! Just choose the Sponsor Parent Fund and put Dolly’s name in the message field.