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Hopelessness: a most devastating emotion, and a common one faced by those who work in animal rescue. We see the need and try to meet it, but for every critter in, we need someone willing to care for them.
Lately, the calls for rescue far exceed those willing to provide shelter and care.

If you have been considering assisting, please do now. Thank you for your help. Together we can change hopelessness for homeless cats in Calgary!

The Benefits of Spaying and Neutering Your Feline Friend

Did you know…

… that each year there are far more kittens born than there are homes for.
… that only 1 kitten in every litter of 5 will live out its life loved and cared for.
… that the remaining 80% will die of neglect, abuse, disease or be euthanized as “surplus” kittens.
… that for those fortunate enough to be adopted only 1 in every 3 cats will live out its life in that home.
… that the reproductive abilities of cats far exceed those of dogs.
… that in a 7 year span (exponential breeding growth):
           1 female dog + 1 male dog = 2,000 puppies
           1 female cat + 1 male cat = 450,000 kittens
… that prevention through neutering and spaying is the most humane and cost effective means of reducing cat overpopulation and the consequent misery of more “unwanted” kittens being born.
… that you can make a significant difference in lowering the number of unwanted born only to die by spaying and neutering your cats.
… that a $150 donation (tax receipts provided) will allow FRFA to provide spay/neuter assistance to those who cannot afford to alter their cats.

2017 Online Fundraising Auction

Please join us for our first ever ONLINE AUCTION, which will take place from December 3rd through December 10th, 2017! Please visit our auction host, 32Auctions, to create an account to view and bid on auction items. By bidding, you’ll be helping us to raise funds to cover our ever-increasing shelter costs, including veterinary care for our rescues. Shop for yourself or pick up some unique holiday gifts, all while helping us rescue, treat, rehabilitate, and re-home homeless or abandoned cats!

Foster Homes Save Lives

These lovely rural kitties are arriving Dec. 30th. They will be vetted and vaccinated upon arrival, but may not be able to be neutered and spayed till later in the week. There may be 4 in total. Fostering provides opportunity for those that have none. We provide for all their vet care, require strictly indoor homes, supplies can be provided or a tax receipt can be issued if you choose to help with their upkeep.


There is a great deal to be concerned about these days. There has been a very significant reduction in donations with these trying times. Every contribution, large or small makes it possible to provide shelter, food and medical care for our rescued cats. Please help if you can.
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