An Auction For All Seasons!


FRFA is a registered charity which relies entirely on donations, grants and fundraising to cover the costs of veterinary care, vaccination, spay/neutering, food and litter. 

The purpose of the auction is to raise funds to enable FRFA to continue to rescue abandoned, abused or neglected felines. Any money raised will go directly to support the day to day operations at FRFA.

An Auction For All Seasons

When: starts May 4th at noon and ends May 12th at 10PM

Where: head over to 

What: artwork, gift baskets, themed packages, gift certificates, donations purrfect for you and your cats. There’s even some pawsome items for dogs!

We need your help!

Hopelessness: a most devastating emotion, and a common one faced by those who work in animal rescue. We see the need and try to meet it, but for every critter in, we need someone willing to care for them.
Lately, the calls for rescue far exceed those willing to provide shelter and care.

If you have been considering assisting, please do now. Thank you for your help. Together we can change hopelessness for homeless cats in Calgary!

The Benefits of Spaying and Neutering Your Feline Friend

Did you know…

… that each year there are far more kittens born than there are homes for.
… that only 1 kitten in every litter of 5 will live out its life loved and cared for.
… that the remaining 80% will die of neglect, abuse, disease or be euthanized as “surplus” kittens.
… that for those fortunate enough to be adopted only 1 in every 3 cats will live out its life in that home.
… that the reproductive abilities of cats far exceed those of dogs.
… that in a 7 year span (exponential breeding growth):
           1 female dog + 1 male dog = 2,000 puppies
           1 female cat + 1 male cat = 450,000 kittens
… that prevention through neutering and spaying is the most humane and cost effective means of reducing cat overpopulation and the consequent misery of more “unwanted” kittens being born.
… that you can make a significant difference in lowering the number of unwanted born only to die by spaying and neutering your cats.
… that a $150 donation (tax receipts provided) will allow FRFA to provide spay/neuter assistance to those who cannot afford to alter their cats.

Online Fundraising Auction a Rousing Success!


FRFA’s inaugural Fundraising Auction was a Meowing Success! The auction raised $5155.00, and with an incredible offer of donation matching, the total came to $10,155.00.  We are absolutely giddy with gratitude!

Thank you Santa and Mrs. Claws and your devoted elves for your ever so generous gift of donation matching. You must have heard what very good cats they have been this year. Your support and kindness will never be forgotten.  The all butter shortbread and a little belly warming Henessey will be to the right of the fireplace.  Thank you for the wonderful gift!

Thank you to all the following who graciously donated to our auction to provide for the cats! Your generosity made this success possible:

Teresa Trimble & Wendy Vollmin (All Clean Cleaning company)
Calgary Pet Wellness – Spay/Neuter Clinic
Cathleen Foster
Connie Foster
Nadine Charman
Jenn Bolger Photography
Linda Van Dyke
Robbi James
Shawnessy Village Pet Valu
Evanston Pet Valu
Sheila Brantnall
Tori Taylor
Tracey Foster
Billie Mesiano
Lorraine Watson
Some very fine philanthropist felines

Thank you to all that bid, to those that won and those who made donations. Hope your Christmas is as blessed as you have made the cats’!

Tracey, Connie and Cathleen Foster, a huge, furfilled THANK YOU for literally creating this auction. You made it look so lovely and easy. I know the grueling effort and work that went in to making it such a tremendous success. Thank you!
Tori Taylor, a great furry THANK YOU to you too, for taking pity on my pitiful posts and giving of your talents to spread the word.
Billie Mesiano, thank you, friend, for always being there and for quietly assisting where you see need.

Thank you to all that have provided support and opportunity for our rescued cats and kittens. They are so deserving and we are so grateful that you make a positive future possible for them!
Aww… now I’m feeling all happy weepy.

Merry Christmas!


2017 Online Fundraising Auction

Please join us for our first ever ONLINE AUCTION, which will take place from December 3rd through December 10th, 2017! Please visit our auction host, 32Auctions, to create an account to view and bid on auction items. By bidding, you’ll be helping us to raise funds to cover our ever-increasing shelter costs, including veterinary care for our rescues. Shop for yourself or pick up some unique holiday gifts, all while helping us rescue, treat, rehabilitate, and re-home homeless or abandoned cats!

Foster Homes Save Lives

These lovely rural kitties are arriving Dec. 30th. They will be vetted and vaccinated upon arrival, but may not be able to be neutered and spayed till later in the week. There may be 4 in total. Fostering provides opportunity for those that have none. We provide for all their vet care, require strictly indoor homes, supplies can be provided or a tax receipt can be issued if you choose to help with their upkeep.


There is a great deal to be concerned about these days. There has been a very significant reduction in donations with these trying times. Every contribution, large or small makes it possible to provide shelter, food and medical care for our rescued cats. Please help if you can.
Big Eddie & Eric img_4133

Volunteers Needed For The Shelter

PunchieGeneral Job Description: Providing for the day to day physical care of the animals and keeping their environment clean, healthy and pleasant.

Specific Duties: Cleaning and disinfecting cages, litter boxes, food and water bowls, floors, bedding and surfaces.

Desired Qualifications: Reliability and commitment 100% requirement. A true love of animal care, empathy, extreme patience, observant nature and organized.

Required Commitment: Minimum 4-5 hour shift once per week. Daily shifts vary.

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