Sabine & Evie-Bonded Pair-Adopted

These two inseparable sisters have gone through some very tough times with only each other to depend upon. They were abandoned during late state pregnancies and created one big happy family with their shared 10 kittens. They are both lovely, though very different in personality. Evie has a queenly demeanor, Sabine is also known as Bean, because she is full of them! They require a quiet adult home that appreciates their intelligence.

Sabine & Evie


Julio and Ricki-Bonded Pair

Julio and Ricki showed up in the middle of nowhere. Fortunately Julio managed to get Ricki safely to a work camp where a kind soul took pity on the two imploring wanderers. Arrangements were made to have them escorted to Calgary and delivered into FRFA’S care.
Julio might actually be Ricki’s father. He has taken full responsibility for his sometimes pesky little charge. Ricki is the perpetual carefree kitten, insisting on being treated like a baby. He is impossible to resist when he pleads to be picked up. Once snuggled securely in your arms he innocently whispers sweet nothings in your ear.
Julio and Ricki are deserving of a home that is as loving, gentle and kind as they are. They need a home devoted to them only-Ricki will only share with Julio.Julio & Ricki_3249


Camry & Prius-Bonded Pair

These two high activity brothers are as loving as they are busy. Both enjoy draping about your neck and styling your hair to their liking. They are wonderful cats, but need a home that enjoys keen intelligence and the antics that go with it. They love high places and have the athletic ability to get to them. They adore each other, but need a home devoted to them only.



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    Adoption Fees: Cat: $150 (includes first & second vaccination, spay/neuter surgery and ear tattoo) Kittens: $150 (includes first & second vaccination, spay/neuter surgery and ear tattoo)