About Us


Feline Rescue Foundation of Alberta (“FRFA”) is a registered charity based in Calgary that provides rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing for cats living on city streets and rural areas. We are a NO-KILL organization.

Feral, abused, abandoned or lost, we believe they all deserve to be safe, loved and cared for. Many of the cats that come to FRFA are considered difficult, some deemed “unredeemable”. Experience has taught us that is not the case. A cat that has never known anything but hardship, neglect and abuse can hardly be expected to respond kindly. Patience, kindness and respect can work miracles. So often the most extraordinary cats are hiding behind these nasty facades.

All cats that come to our foundation are provided with veterinary care if injured or ill, vaccinated, spayed or neutered and id tattooed prior to being put up for adoption. The majority of donations made to FRFA go to veterinary care. Cat care provisions such as food and litter are another major expense. FRFA relies entirely on donations, grants and fundraising events.

We believe in prevention in the form of spaying or neutering as the most humane and cost effective way of reducing animal suffering, critical overpopulation and other problems associated with the homeless cat population.